• Join a union without barriers or fear.

  • When you go to work, you should come home healthy and safe.

  • All jobs should be good jobs.

It's Time to Change the Law

Every day millions of British Columbians go to work and shape our province.

In turn, BC workers deserve laws that provide the basic rights and protections needed to ensure dignity and respect in the workplace, with the ability to return home safely to their families after every shift.

Yet for almost two decades, the removal of many basic worker rights and protections has resulted in country leading inequality.

BC’s workers shape our province and they all deserve the opportunity to build a good life for themselves, their families and their communities. It’s time to fix employment and labour laws that ensure basic rights and protections for all working people.

The BC government just announced legislation that will improve employment and labour laws. We are calling on British Columbians to support this important step forward.