Add Your Voice to Support Gig Workers

Dear Premier David Eby, Labour Minister Harry Bains and Parliamentary Secretary for Labour Janet Routledge:

Ride-hail and food delivery workers in BC are being taken for a ride! Most are left out of essential workplace protections, including fair pay and sick days. The app companies they work for are exploiting loopholes and don't pay their full share into the programs British Columbians rely on, like workers' compensation, the health care system, employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan.

I’m calling on you and your government to act now to close the loopholes in legislation, and make sure gig workers are fully protected by BC's workplace laws including the Employment Standards Act, Workers Compensation Act and Labour Relations Code

Workers deserve flexibility without compromising basic rights and protections, including but not limited to:

  • fair pay for all the hours they work,
  • health and safety protections and compensation for injuries on the job,
  • paid sick days, 
  • transparency and accountability from gig companies, and
  • the right to join a union.

And I'm calling on you and your government to make sure that ride-hail and food delivery companies pay their fair share into essential programs and services.

All workers in BC deserve respect, dignity and protection on the job.



Will you sign?