Workers’ compensation is broken.

For two years, the BC government has had a report in their hands detailing the changes needed to fix the Workers’ Compensation Board. But they haven’t acted on it.

We can’t keep injured workers waiting any longer. It’s time for action.

Speak out for action

What’s wrong with the WCB:

  • It deals with injured workers using a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach
  • It ignores medical advice and rushes them back to work before they’re ready
  • It treats injured workers as adversaries, without personal or cultural respect

We know how to fix it. A comprehensive review of the WCB two years ago made detailed recommendations for the kind of sweeping change injured workers need. But the provincial government hasn’t done anything with it.

It’s time for action. Now — before any more workers have to suffer.

Read workers’ storiesOwen | Renate | Bob | Sarah | Pam (content warning: includes violence)

Find out about the changes we need. And then speak out for a Workers’ Compensation Board that genuinely works for injured workers.


Owen's Story

Owen Goodwin
(Steel Distribution Worker)

In June 2013, I suffered a life-changing injury. 

I was lifting heavy metal plates up with thousands of pounds of pressure. One of them popped off and hit me directly in the safety glasses. It propelled me 20 feet. As a result, I sustained serious head injuries, facial lacerations and eventually suffered from debilitating PTSD.

What I didn't know then was that the workers compensation system, the system meant to be...

Bob Traynor's Story

Robert Traynor
(Bulk Mill Operator)

My name is Sharon Traynor and I am speaking on behalf of my husband, Robert (Bob), who suffered a traumatic brain injury on April 1, 2017.

That day at work, Bob fell off a high ladder. He was on life support and spent the first 4 days in ICU. He pulled through but his injures have been devastating. Today, he is partially blind in both eyes, suffers from epileptic seizures, and is...

Renate Schnitzer's Story

Renate Schnitzer - Retired Air Flight Attendant

Renate lying on an inversion tableI was diagnosed with stage one bladder cancer in 2013. Two years later new symptoms appeared, and I was treated for further metastatic disease.

I had worked as a flight attendant on long-haul international flights when passenger smoking was allowed. My work exposure to second-hand smoke in my work environment is unquestionable!

The Good

My work exposure to second-hand smoke...

Sarah's story

Sarah O'Leary
(Lawyer and Workers' Compensation Advocate)

There are many workers in the workers' compensation system who suffer from psychological injury in the workplace. This may be Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as is often seen with first responders and others who have been exposed to significant trauma, or it may be Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder or any number of psychological diagnoses. These conditions are often severe and disabling, preventing the worker from...

We need a Worker-Centred WCB

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